MINI Rosewood Estate Spray Box


MINI Rosewood Estate Spray Box


Give the gift that shows you care! All natural, non toxic Estate products!

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What’s in your box:

4 mini Estate Spray™ in 3ML amber glass fine mist sprayers

1 mini soap sample

Carefully packed with reindeer moss in a 1.5” x 4.5” raw wood box

Our Estate Spray™ is an all-natural, European-style spray that is nontoxic, anti-bacterial and immune boosting. Rosewood Estate Spray™ is a healing blend of lavender and rosewood essential oils in an all-natural solvent base and Texas rainwater.  Jaune Citron Estate Spray™ is a blend of lemon blossom, woodsy and citrus essential oils. We use Estate Sprays™ on our clothing, linens and mattresses to deodorize and sanitize, as an immune & mood booster, to clean windows, countertops and inside our fridge.  We even spray Rosewood Estate Spray™ on our porches, baseboards, the backs of our goats, horses, inside our stables and chicken coops to deter pest and keep their coats shiny! We especially like to use our Health & Wealth Estate Spray™ to sanitize countertops and inside our fridge. It’s even replaced our stainless-steel cleaner!  It is a great as a pest deterrent and germ killer so we use it to clean toys, door handles, sinks and toilette- anything use would use a product like Lysol ® on. * All Estate Sprays™ should be shaken before use.

You can read more about these products and more on our website.  Please note *Our salves, sprays, soaks & soaps are all natural, however they contain essential oil blends and are not to be ingested nor sprayed in or around eyes. Please always test skin & clothing before use.