LOVE THY NEIGHBOR Rosewood Estate Gift Box


LOVE THY NEIGHBOR Rosewood Estate Gift Box


Give the gift that shows you care! All natural, non toxic Estate products!


  • your logo stamped on 6x6 raw wood box with jute tie

  • 16 oz Luxe Herbal Soak

  • 2 oz Rosewood Estate Spray™

  • 2 oz handcut Goat Milk or Vegan* soap

  • Luxe Fragrance Sample

  • Information card

  • Customization is available

    *please let us know if you prefer vegan option.

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Our Estate Spray™ is an all-natural spray that is nontoxic, anti-bacterial and immune boosting. Rosewood Estate Spray™ is a healing blend of lavender and rosewood essential oils in an all-natural solvent base and Texas rainwater. We use Estate Sprays™ on our clothing, linens and mattresses to deodorize and sanitize, as an immune & mood booster, to clean windows, counter tops and inside our fridge.  We even spray Rosewood Estate Spray™ on our porches, baseboards, the backs of our goats, horses, inside our stables and chicken coops to deter pest and keep their coats shiny!

You can read more about these products and more on our website.  Please note *Our salves, sprays, soaks & soaps are all natural, however they contain essential oil blends and are not to be ingested nor sprayed in or around eyes. Please always test skin & clothing before use.