ROSEWOOD  is a five and half acre micro farm nestled in the Texas Hill Country. The homes and barns were  purchased in disrepair, the structures  had been neglected, the land overgrazed, the trees attacked by oak wilt and gardens forgotten.

Our PHILOSOPHY is simple- to live well and to help others do the same. 

OUR DREAM was to live in the country. to have a simpler life. a life filled with good friends, food, music. to enjoy all that nature provides for us, and to share it.

 OUR JOURNEY is one of unexpected turns, lots of hard work and big dreams. 

OUR MISSION is to bring our farm to its full potential and glory, while providing with quality products and services.

OUR HERD is at the heart of our farm, it consists of Black Bengal goats, Mille Fluer and Barred Rock chickens and two beautiful Gray rescue horses.

OUR GARDEN is filled with lavender, rosemary, roses, fruit tress and edible herbs,. We use our botanicals in our products whenever harvest allows.

OUR SERVICES are our gifts in action;  We use botanicals, art, music, photography, writing and our God given skill sets to create, nurture and express. We hope to make every day useful, helpful & filled with love.

OUR PRODUCTS are a reflection of our way of life.

 We hope you enjoy them all!